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Bless Music Studio   

                ~~~~ A very warm welcome to you ~~~~


Bless Music Studio was started in Australia in 2010. The teacher in charge however has more than 20 years’ music teaching experience both here and abroad. She is a Master Qualified teacher from a UK University. Besides UK and Australia, she has also taught in Asia.


The vision of Bless Music Studio is to "make good music a part of your world." We believe, as Pat Conroy put it so well that “without music, life is a journey through a desert.”


But first let's hear what some famous and successful people (US Presidents, scientist, politician, inventor, central banker, businessman, Nobel prize winner and even an army general) have to say about music.

Our mission is twofold:-

1. To help cultivate children to become persons of beautiful sense (savoring good music, appreciating beauty, experiencing deep joy) by introducing good music early in their lives. A good music education also opens many doors for the children.

2. To try to make your pursuit for a fuller/richer life a bit sweeter by making good music (the most beautiful sound on this side of heaven) an integral part of your world. We are meant to be so much more than just stoic, efficient, money making humanoids. Learning and making music are life enhancing/enriching activities which bring a deep sense of joy/satisfaction. They add another dimension to life because they tap into something that is everywhere and experienced by everyone. You won't want to imagine a life without music after that!

We operate by a simple motto which is to “look after your customers – if you don’t someone else will.” That means that the customer is always right - he will get what he insists on BUT the customer does not necessarily know what is best for himself. Many times he knows what he does NOT want but may need help to discover what is really suitable for his unique situation. He is not the expert – we are and we are willing to guide him (based on our expertise and experience) if he allows us to do so.


We endeavour to develop sustainable long term relationships with our students and create a Bless Music community. We are here to help our students succeed so that they will stay with us long term to achieve their musical goals. For many of our students’ families the relationship has over time evolved into personal friendship.


We invite you to embark on this exciting journey ………. to come and discover the magical, wondrous world of music!!


We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.





Bless Music Studio

Stretton 4116,

Brisbane, Queensland  







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